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•No spam abuse, Racist Remarks, Harassment, Threatening Behavior, Discrimination this also includes sexual, Homophobic or religious beliefs, No sexual content or gore, in-game chat abuse, personal abuse or harassment or threatening behaviour is not allowed in-game or in discord
• We will not warn but INSTA ban you
• Respect ALL community players • Respect the Admin team at ALL times.
• Impersonating Staff Members is not permitted
• Abusing in-game/discord staff members will not be tolerated and could result in a permanent ban from our dayz server and discord channel
• Support ONLY by Discord Ticket and with evidence (screenshots/videos). DONT call the admins in game!
• NO mention of hacking server attack example DDOS or glitching.
• NO illegal content is not permitted anyone who breaks discord TOS will be reported.
• No abusive nicknames or unreadable text are not permitted
• ANY toxic comments or abuse will result in a warning if the incident continues permanent ban from the discord server and UK Independence Dayz server.
• All these rules are common sense and shouldn't be overlooked if the admins suspect you breaking the rules you will be removed without hesitation or explanation

• NO Hacking, Glitching or abusing the bugs in the game or anything that creates unfair advantage during pvp encounters or events
• NO In-game abuse ( ruining the in-game experience of players and making it unplayable for those involved)
• NO Base camping for longer than 30min, if you camp a base you will need to record it! • Any toxic chat after been killed etc will result in a warning if it continues a temp 48 hour ban will be applied!
• NO Combatlog (logging out when you are in a fight!)
• NO Stream Sniping Example watching someone live stream via discord, Youtube, Twitch or any other online streaming service this is not prohibited
• NO Meta Gaming is not allowed giving out players locations or joining them in a party for other party members to kill them ( In-game recording required for proof )
• NO Safe zone Camping ( Sitting on the outskirts of safe zones or following players out of the safe zones to force players into a pvp situation
• NO Scamming or stealing or blocking players within safe zones • Coastal zone PA'S cannot be used for music or any other type of abuse
• Using alternative accounts to rejoin the server once said account is banned will also result in a ban
• Driving or Flying is at your own risk!! We will NOT compensate you if you crashed your Heli or Car. Or with Game/Server crash!

• Before you can build you will need a land claim kit and a flagpole kit! (contact any of the admins and they will help you out!)
• NO Building within 1000m of safe zone areas GREEN MOUNTAIN/KLEN/ ALTER or BLACK MARKETS!
• No Building within 350m of the Military Checkpoints! BERENZINO/CHERO/ELEKTRO/STAROY/STARYSOBOR/etc • NO Building within Police stations or Fire Stations
• NO Water Bases e.g building on top of water/ocean
• NO floating floors e.g Bridges or floating roads
• All players bases must be realistic no floating/sky bases if your base is floating past 1-floor length then it would be classed and unrealistic
• NO stacking watch towers past 2
• Building width and height limit is 4x4x4 main (W,H,D)
• All vanilla(barns/warehouses etc) bases can exceed the building limit by 1 fence length to build a wall around your base
• No blockades e.g Roads or Bridges • All Cars or Heli's need to be stored in your garage at all times! We will delete Heli's and Cars if they are not parked in the garage! • Allowed to have as many Cars/Heli's! As long they are parked in the Garage!
• Building will be deleted without warning not following the rules! if you are not sure that you are allowed to build anywhere. Make a ticket and we will check it out!

• It's NOT allowed to raid a base! • If you kill an enemy in their base you are NOT allowed to go in and loot the body!! • If any of the rules are broken will result in a 24/48H ban!

• Bounty will randomly pick active hunters
• NO Safe Zone or Base Camping is allowed when you are the bounty.
• NO flying or driving a car while you are the bounty!
   If you are in a car or heli, park it and start running!
• Group members/party members are not allowed to kill your teammate if he is the bounty!
• Don't want to be a bounty? Press i and turn it off!
• We will Teleport people out of their base or Safe zone if they don't follow the rules
• We will not compensate you if your game or the server crashed!!
• If you don't comply with the rules we will warn / ban / permaban people!

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